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The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards - Call for Nominations.


The Aerospace Media Awards have been created to honour journalists and publishers who have made a significant contribution to aerospace journalism and publishing.


The Call for Nominations for the 2021 Aerospace Media Awards is now open.  Here is an opportunity to ensure global industry recognition for the very best work in aerospace journalism and publishing.


Journalists, publications, media, and industry executives are welcome to send in nominations for the 2021 Aerospace Media Awards. There are no restrictions on nominations, nominees for the journalism award categories can be nominated by third parties or a self-nomination. All nominations should be for work published between April 2020 and March 2021, closing deadline for nominations is Friday 26th March 2021.


Nominations are welcome for articles, news and reports for the following categories:


Best Young Journalist - nominees should be less than 35 years of age or under by close of nominations.


Best Image – sponsored by Dassault Aviation – please send images as a JPEG or pdf file.


Best Propulsion submission – sponsored by Pratt & Whitney.


Best Un-manned Systems submission


Best Safety, Training & Simulation submission – sponsored by CAE.


Best Passenger & Crew Wellbeing submission – sponsored by CTT Systems - To include aspects of cabin environment including aircraft interiors.


Best Digital Submission - This category is for Journalists to demonstrate new and innovative ways in which reports have been created, published, and circulated. Submissions can include video reports, podcasts, webinar presentations and digital news channels - submissions can be sent in as web links.


Best Aerospace & Defence Business submission - sponsored by L3Harris - This category is for articles about the business of aviation and defence and therefore can include interviews, analysis, comment, and reviews of business transactions and industry developments.


Best Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul submission


Best Business Aviation submission – sponsored by Gulfstream.


Best Military Aviation submission – sponsored by Lockheed Martin.


Best Rotorcraft submission


Best Commercial Aviation submission


Best Breaking News submission


The Bill Gunston Technology Writer of the Year Award - sponsored by Boeing


Best In-depth Aviation submission - sponsored by Eurofighter


The Aerospace Reporter of the Year – sponsored by Dassault Aviation The criteria for this Award are to recognise a journalist who has excelled in aviation reporting during the last 12 months. Nominees should demonstrate how their work delivers the most informative and engaging articles that raise the bar with clear, impactful, quality journalism. Nominations should be for an individual who has demonstrated a consistent high standard of journalism during the 12 months from April 2020 to March 2021.


Lifetime Achievement Award – sponsored by Lockheed Martin - nominations should include career highlights and demonstrate a portfolio of achievements throughout several decades in aviation journalism and publishing. The purpose of this award is to recognise a lifetime of exceptional aerospace journalism.



The closing date for nominations is Friday 26th March 2021. Please ensure that all nominations are for work published between April 2020 up to and including March 2021.


How to make a nomination


Please submit nominations in the following way


Please send nominations as pdf files to – [email protected]


Please list the following as part of the nomination.


Name of nominee

Title of article or publication being nominated including date of publication

Key reasons for nomination – no more than 100 words, please explain why the person, article, or publication you are nominating deserves to be recognised.

Please include and attach articles and supporting documents as pdf or word files

If submitting online articles if possible, please convert and send as pdf files, this ensures that all nominations will be judged on an equal basis. If it is not possible to send as a pdf then please send links to the article. For podcasts, webcasts and videos please send relevant links, if these are password protected please send access details in order that the judges may easily access the nominations.


Please submit all nominations to [email protected] and ask for confirmation of receipt.



Nominations are limited to 1 entry per category, in the event of a nominee being nominated twice for the same category the nominee will be asked for their preference as to which nomination goes forward for judging. The reason to limiting nominations to one per category is twofold. Firstly, it is to ensure the judges are presented with the very best work. Secondly on previous occasions, when two nominations per category were allowed, this sometimes resulted in the judge’s votes being split between the two nominations and the nominee losing out when the scores were added up.


Just to repeat the the deadline for nominations is Friday March 26th, 2021. The 2021 Aerospace Media Awards will be presented online in late June to reflect the timing of when the awards dinner should have taken place.


I wish you every success with your nominations, if you have any questions or wish to discuss in more detail please feel free to contact me – [email protected]

tel + 44 1362 860061





The 2021 Call for Nominations for the Aerospace Media Awards has closed. The shortlisted finalists will be announced in May with the 2021 Aerospace Media Awards being presented online in June. The list of finalists will be posted here in May.

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